Amalgam Replacement

Do you have an old filling that needs to be replaced? Many people are now opting to remove traditional amalgam fillings — which contain mercury — and replace them with composite fillings. At Whole Body Dental, Dr. Ghorbani helps patients restore their smiles with new fillings that look natural. To schedule an appointment at his Bellevue, Washington, office, call or request an appointment online today.

Amalgam Replacement Q & A

When a tooth has a fracture, crack, or cavity, a filling can help prevent further damage. But many people over the age of 30 have fillings made from amalgam, a metal material that contains mercury.

As new research emerges about heavy metal toxicity, some people are opting to have their amalgam fillings removed. Newer composite fillings don’t contain mercury and may offer a better solution.

If you want to remove your amalgam fillings, or if you have a loose filling, Dr. Ghorbani (formerly ‘Mashoof’) and his team can replace them with safe composite fillings.


Composite fillings offer a wide range of benefits, including:

    • Durability: They can last longer than amalgam fillings
    • Strength: The material bonds to the tooth instead of just filling in a hole, creating a more structurally sound tooth
  • Invisibility: They’re made from materials that match the natural color of teeth


If an old filling becomes loose, it’s usually easy to tell. You might be able to see that part of the filling is gone, or you may taste metal.

But the best way to know if you need a filling is to see your dentist regularly.


Amalgam replacement is not only advantageous for health and cosmetic reasons, but it might also prevent further dental problems down the road. Dr. Ghorbani (formerly ‘Mashoof’) follows specific protocols during mercury removal to reduce the exposure to patients, his staff and himself.

For example, new composite fillings can help keep teeth from cracking. Amalgam fillings are sensitive to temperature, so they can expand or contract when you eat hot or cold foods. That added pressure may cause teeth to crack or fracture.

To learn more about how amalgam replacement can benefit your dental health, call Whole Body Dental today or request an appointment online.