Gum Disease

Gum disease can cause a wide range of severe dental problems if left untreated, including bleeding, inflammation, and toothaches. At Whole Body Dental in Bellevue, Washington, Dr. Ghorbani offers several treatments to heal gum disease effectively and prevent complications. To schedule a personalized consultation today, call or request an appointment online.

Gum Disease Q & A

Gum disease — often referred to as periodontal disease — is an infection of the gum tissue that can affect many aspects of your dental health.

This condition is common among adults, and many people don’t realize they have it. Left untreated, it can cause tooth loss or permanent damage to your gums.


Gum disease may not be obvious at first. Over time, however, problems may start to develop, including:

  • Tender or bleeding gums
  • Gum recession
  • Redness in the gums
  • Pain while chewing
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath

If you have any of these symptoms, consider having Dr. Ghorbani (formerly ‘Mashoof’) perform an oral examination to help determine the best course of action for treatment.


Gum disease can develop for several reasons. One of the most common causes is the buildup of plaque. Plaque attracts bacteria, which can lead to infection.

Even if you take excellent care of your teeth, gum disease can develop due to:

  • Medical conditions: like diabetes, which reduces the body’s ability to fight off infection
  • Smoking: one of the biggest risk factors for gum disease
  • Hormonal changes: especially in females
  • Medications: drugs can prevent the proper flow of saliva


At Whole Body Dental, Dr. Ghorbani (formerly ‘Mashoof’) can help restore your oral health. Depending on the cause and nature of your gum disease, there are numerous treatment options. These may include deep cleanings or gum scaling and root planing, Ozone treatment, treatment with hydrogen peroxide gel and laser treatment.

Pinhole surgery can also help patients with receding gums. This is a procedure wherein Dr. Ghorbani (formerly ‘Mashoof’) creates a tiny hole, through which he strategically places collagen strips under the gums to help the tissue stabilize and repair.

In the meantime, it’s a good idea to use a Waterpik with an antibacterial agent such as hydrogen peroxide. Also, a healthy diet can strengthen your immune system and help it fight infection.

To request a consultation about gum disease with Whole Body Dental today, call or request an appointment online.